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gary_howard_safe_engineeringGary W. Howard, P.Eng.,

Consulting Engineer

Mr. Howard established Safety and Forensic Engineering in 1998 and has since provided consulting services for Y2K, a manufacturer of electrolysers and a forensic engineering firm. He is an experienced accident investigator and forensic engineer with 34 years engineering experience in occupational safety, litigation support, failure analysis, codes, standards and regulations.

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Ray J. Charest, PMP.,

Technical Investigator

Retired from Allstate Insurance, Mr. Charest has investigated thousands of property insurance claims as a Senior Property Field Claims Representative. He also has many years of experience in preparing technical reports for the Subrogation Unit and a senior analysts in insurance business systems.

Located in Stirling, Ontario (near Belleville), Mr. Charest investigates property claims and secures and documents evidence for SAFE Eastern Ontario.

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